Public stock company Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat, founded in 1896. A multicultural plant with a capacity of 500 tons per day recycles sunflower seeds, rape and flax and produces refined deodorized oils and other products under the trademark "Nezhinskaya". Its structure consists of two elevators, a transport company that manages a fleet of tank-vehicles, large-sized transport, bulk carriages and a chemical fertilizer company.
The products of Public stock company Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat, are exported to more than 50 countries of the world. Oil shipment is carried out in tanks, flexi-tanks, 200l. barrels and packaged in PET bottles and canisters with capacity of 1 l, 3 l, 5 l, 20 l.
The dispatch of pullets and pellets from sunflower husk is carried out by rail, in hopes and in motor racing in running races.
     Public stock company Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat,  produces "Natural" drying oil and Olive Oksol under the "Nijinskaya" trademark.
On the elevators of the city of Nizhyn and Boguslav, Kyiv region. dry cleaning, cleaning and storage services are provided.

Cultivated crops

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